xcmd - X single line run command
Copyright (C) 2004, Terry Loveall <loveall@iinet.com>
Released into the Public Domain.

X run command with optional single parameter. Allows line editing with mouse
and keyboard.



Replace COMMAND PRESET in quotes with the desired string(s), e.g.:
xcmd "retawq /README.htm"
to preset xcmd to display 'retawq /README.htm'.

A bare xcmd displays at the current mouse position an empty line of 40
characters in length.

Cotrol Keys:

Esc or Ctrl-[ : terminate xcmd without executing.
Del or Ctrl-D : delete character under cursor.
Backspace or Ctrl-H : delete character before cursor.
Home or Ctrl-A : move cursor to start of line.
End or Ctrl-E : move cursor to end of line.
Left Arrow : move cursor left one character.
Right Arrow : move cursor right one character.
Enter : execute the command and exit xcmd.
All other printing ASCII characters : insert character at cursor, move cursor

Cut, copy and paste to/from xclipboard not implemented.