bcalc - Basic four function GUI and command line Calculator
          Copyright (C) 2004, Terry Loveall <loveall@iinet.com>
          Released into the Public Domain.

Basic four function GUI _and_ command line calculator. Responds to mouse
button presses on the keys as well as keyboard controls. No memory registers.

Command Keys:

'q' exits.
'+' adds.
'-' subtracts.
'x' also '*' multiply.
'/' divide.
'.' decimal point. Multiple decimal points in a number truncate the number at
    the second decimal point.
'=' also <Enter> displays result.
'C' also 'c' first time clears current number, second resets all.
'0123456789' number keys.

Backspace deletes last character input.
Shift-Ins pastes from clipboard.
Click and drag high-lites text numbr selection.
Ctrl-Ins pastes selection to clipboard.

Command line operation:

bcalc can also be run from the command line to give a series summation.
Evaluation is left to right on the running accumulation. E.G. the following
line will calculate the sum and display it _without_ a trailing newline:
'bcalc 1722.35 - 930 - 175 - 99.96 - 24.45 - 65.57 - 200'
generates the resulting sum of 227.37. Notice an '=' character is not used.

Alphabetical characters generate an undefined response. Dont.

NOTE: most shells cannot cope with a bare '*' character. Either prefix the
'*' with a '\', as in
'bcalc 5 \* 6'
or use 'x' instead. E.G.
'bcalc 5 x 6'.